Aspen Nature Estate

Aspen Nature Estate has adopted a unique approach to creating a harmonious interface between the natural and the built environment.


This is accomplished by complementing the beauty of the natural environment and ensuring that different architectural styles and designs do not clash through designing buildings with limited stonework and no raw or unfinished plaster.





Bassonia Estate

Architectural design in Bassonia Estate blend homes with the terraced slopes and natural rock outcrops ensuring magnificent views of the valleys below to each resident.


A perfect blend of spectacular homes, natural bushveld and majestic rocky outcrops create an ambiance of peace and tranquility in contrast with the busyness of the large city right next door.

Eye of Africa

Unique Environment

Unique Heritage  

Unique Design


The Eye of Africa encourages designs that draws on materials, textures and architectural forms unique to the Highveld.


An "Afropean" style, which is a combination of European and African settlements, is incorporated by the use of simple raw materials gleaned from the surrounding Highveld earth.






A range of private designs to suit each client's personal needs and aesthetic views and visions.
We offer a comprehensive service which include the design, construction drawings, municipal liaisons, plan submissions and approval, contract administration, project co-ordination and 2D and 3D visualizations


Meyersdal Eco- and Nature Estates


Eco Estate living is a philosophy whereby man lives in harmony with nature.


This is achieved by the careful design of houses, sensitive landscaping, energy efficiency and general conservation principals.


Meyersdal Eco- and Nature Estates capture the natural beauty and splendor of the Klipriviersberg and Highveld flora in secure private estates. 



Waterfall Country Estates

Waterfall Country Estate and Village is located adjacent to Waterfall City.
This sought after lifestyle estate offers residents an upmarket, secure and spacious environment to build their dream home.



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